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You Can Lead A More Meaningful Life

By Creating a Customized Soul Roadmap™ to Help You Navigate

Over the years Elaine and I have been encouraged by people we have served to write about our work.  We wrote a book, Life After Heaven, published by Waterbrook, now a division of Random House.  Over time, Hollywood has showed interest in our life story.  A feature film is currently under development.  Windrider Films, a partner with Sundance Film Festival produced a documentary short film on our lives.  The twenty-four-minute film is located on the page above in the FILM section of this home page.  The film makers say we are taking your life story and making it a conversation.  This web site picks up where the films leave off.  We want the conversations to become relationships.

We use teaching, training and encouragement to help people build their own soul roadmap.  We then provide an event to help you use what you have built to navigate your life in the here and now as we prepare for Heaven.

The articles section please see the above button to click is designed to be similar to online learning.  It is a 36-step process for building your own Soul Roadmap.  The 36 steps are laid out in 6 different categories. We have discovered the best way to use the material is chronological- start with article one finish with article thirty-six.  Move at your own pace.

You can get help along the way by becoming part of our network of people on the call-to-action buttons throughout this site.  Connect with us we will reach back out to you.


Soul Development

What do you do for your soul?

All of us are a combination of our mind, body and soul:

  • We invest an average of 15 years in formal education refining our intellect and growing our minds.  In this day and age, we never stop learning, it’s a necessity.
  • There is also an entire industry dedicated to building and maintaining our bodies in order to possess the strength and conditioning to live a healthy life.
  • But can you think of an organization dedicated to building our souls?

The unfortunate reality is very few people invest a comparable amount of time and energy in developing their soul as they do in developing their mind and body. This stunts personal growth. We’re designed to be mind, body, and soul working together to produce a complete person. A complete person flourishes, living life as divinely designed.

The very nature of living in the here and now inherently suppresses the development of your soul. Throughout their lifetime of experience, Steven and Elaine have learned that every person can develop a Soul Roadmap™ to help them flourish in this life.  They have developed a process everyone can use.

Do you have a bucket list for your soul?

Many of us have a “bucket list” of items that we want to accomplish in our lives. Does yours include items that will help develop your soul? What would these items be?

Creating a bucket list for your soul helps establish reference points to identify your progress along your journey. Your customized Soul Roadmap™ will enable you to identify these bucket list items, allowing you to dive deeper into the development of your soul.

From Chaos to Clarity 

We live in unusual times, and it can be difficult to make sense of it all. This has led many people to innately feel like “something isn’t right.” In that deep place in your gut, you just feel this.  We believe we have discovered what it is.  

If you have a fully developed Soul Roadmap™, you have the framework to process the world in which we live. As a result, we are able to break free of the chaos of our culture, to live into a life with more peaceful clarity.

By creating a Soul Roadmap™, you are empowered to realize who you are inside, in order to make sense of our current culture. This makes it possible to live a more meaningful life. The Soul Roadmap™ is the glue that connects the mind and body elements of your being. Without this glue, it’s extremely challenging to realize the full potential within your mental and physical gifts. Creating a Soul Roadmap™ unlocks the potential of your physical and mental capabilities, allowing you to flourish.

Everyone is able to fully develop their soul. You simply need the roadmap to guide you through this process. Once you are on your own Soul Roadmap™, you can more effectively navigate the daily world in which we live. You reach a place where you have the tools necessary to more consistently live your best life. This is a process that allows you to continuously grow on a soul level for the rest of your life.  People we have served over the years have told us they experienced the Kingdom of Heaven as we have worked together.  We anticipate the same for you.


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We created this experience for You.  You belong.  Come along and see what is possible for you as you build your own soul roadmap.  This spiritual community conversation is designed to go beyond sabbath celebrations.  We desire to create lifelong relationships between you, the Father God, and with us.

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