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At Soul Guides, we help people cultivate the tools necessary to develop their souls, enabling them to flourish. Steve and Elaine Musick have been Soul Guides, serving people since 1986 – helping one person, one couple, one organization, at a time. In 2011, they became more intentional, guiding more people to develop their own souls.  This was simply part of how they lived life, and it was never intended to become their life’s work.  It was a side hustle.  However, over time it became clear that being Soul Guides was their final calling and their lasting legacy to those people who wanted a deeper spiritual life.  This digital space is created to respond to more people wanting a more fulfilled, complete, and integrated life.

Our Mission



To experience the Kingdom of Heaven here and now 

as we build Soul Roadmaps with people



Meet Your Soul Guides

Steve and Elaine Musick have been married since 1978 and have three sons, three daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren. Steve’s spiritual background was in the orthodox Episcopal church. Elaine grew up a Methodist. However, their true connection with each other, with the people in their lives, and with God changed forever after Steve experienced his near-death experience while in the Navy. They embraced the reality that everyone can experience Heaven here before the hereafter, just as Steve did.

Steve and Elaine understand that deep connections across all parts of life – mind, body and soul – change the way life is experienced and lived. They’ve had their share of hard times, uncertainty and frustration – just like everyone else. Yet through this adversity, they have learned they can experience good, peace, joy, purpose and deep meaning in their daily life. They’ve been living this purpose for decades, continually expanding their roles as Soul Guides for the people they mentor.


In 1976, Steven Musick qualified to begin Navy SEALs training. He was also invited to become a plebe at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Class of 1980. For the first time in his young life, he was seen and had opportunities. Little did he know at the time that his life was about to change in a powerful and unforeseen way…

In April of that year, Steven was included among a group of Navy sailors chosen to receive test doses of the new swine flu vaccine. He didn’t know he was allergic to the vaccine or the treatment for the resulting sickness. He was rushed to the hospital and spent over a month in intensive care while in a coma. When he woke from the coma, the nurse at the side of his bed greeted him with a resounding, “Welcome back! We thought we lost you back there.” It was clear to Steven at that moment that the medical team didn’t think he would ever wake up.

At 126 pounds, his once SEAL-worthy body was a shell of itself, and Steven looked more like a prisoner of war than a sailor in the prime of his life. His invitation to the Naval Academy was rescinded and he was ultimately discharged from the Navy in August 1976, stamped a permanently disabled veteran. The opportunities he assumed were about to shape his life had vanished.

While the medical trauma teams were working to save his life, Steven went to Heaven. It was here that he experienced the most painful moment in his life as Jesus said in a very forlorn tone: “You can’t stay.” He thought he was about to become a permanent resident of Heaven and that life as he had known it was over. For the first time ever, he was secure and happy. The next moment, he was in the hospital in a ravaged body surrounded by machines and pain. Not only physical pain, but also disillusionment. Why would a good God send him back to a fractured body and no future?

From a Fractured Life Comes a New Purpose   

The Soul Guide


Steven had a girlfriend named Elaine. She fell in love with the SEAL-worthy frame of a man he was, not the gaunt, frail man he had become. He wondered whether she would reject this new version of him just like his family and the Navy did. Was he destined to be alone when he returned home?

Fortunately, his fears vanished the moment Elaine embraced him when they first saw each other again. Through the kisses and hugs and her body language, he knew they were going to get through this – whatever this was – together. At that moment, it felt like Steven was back in Heaven again – not Heaven to the full, but rather an echo of the original.

Their lives together have been punctuated with experiences of Heaven in the here and now. This led them to realize that Heaven is closer than we think. Throughout their lives, Steven and Elaine have embraced the idea that people can experience Heaven here before the hereafter. Unbeknown to them at the time, Steven’s near-death experience was actually the start of their life’s true work, not the end of the hopes and dreams he and Elaine harbored when he left for Navy bootcamp.

Many people who have near-death experiences live lives as strangers in a strange land. They have a nagging splinter in their beings yearning to know why they are still here. After years of grappling with this burning question, Steven and Elaine know the reason they are still here – they are now soul guides. They have discovered how to help people untangle knotted souls, enabling them to live more complete lives here before arriving in the hereafter.

Welcome to the walking road of your soul. Unlock its mysteries to answer many of the nagging questions presented to you by our current culture, which certainly seems to be getting progressively unsettled by the minute. Through their journey, Steve and Elaine discovered that their mission is to help people create their own Soul Roadmap™ and then travel on it.

The people they’ve guided have expressed that this work served as a hinge moment in their lives. A hinge moment is a point in time when life has changed course in a positive way. Start on your own personal Soul Roadmap™ and prepare to experience these hinge moments yourself.

This relationship starts with a structure to build your own soul roadmap.  We have designed our articles section tab to be a step-by-step method to help you begin to develop your own soul.  It operates much like online learning platforms.

Our Core Values

Our roles as Soul Guides and the way we live are a reflection of our core values:

We Walk in Faith


Being surrendered to the guidance of God requires Faith in Him.

We Live with Integrity


We live out everyday what we teach.

We teach with Grace


We understand how tender and difficult this process can be.

We Serve


We give freely of ourselves as we engage with people, communities and organizations to connect with God.

Helping You Experience Your Horizontal Heaven™

At Soul Guides, we have presented what we’ve learned to groups, couples and individuals. During these presentations, workshops and mentoring, we help others understand that Heaven is closer than we think. Our teachings help others understand that there is not just vertical Heaven, as most people conceptualize the traditional notion of the afterlife, but there is also Horizontal Heaven™. This Horizontal Heaven™ is tangible and it is available daily to everyone. Through the development of your soul, you can experience your Horizontal Heaven™. Live a more fulfilled life each and every day.

Steve and Elaine have taught, mentored, guided, and lived deep meaningful life with people for decades. They live for moments when the light bulbs go off and lives change as the people they work with experience this Horizontal Heaven™.

In their personal lives as well as when teaching others, Steve and Elaine live with anticipation, not expectation, that there will be a recognition and embracing of the idea that everyone can develop their own soul.

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