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Article # 11 – Resources

Identifying your talents

From 2003 to 2020 Elaine and I were active members of a university community.  We mentored students helping them with the transition from academia to work.  I was an adjunct professor teaching entrepreneurial ethics. Everything we did was soul development.

As a part of our process, we had students complete an exercise of discovery.  First, we had them identify what they each saw as their five core strengths.  These are five elements are ones where one is innately gifted or good at without the need for education or training.  Second, we had them identify five things which move them emotionally.  For many of our students, and now probably you if you are following this process, it was easy to identify and order the five strengths. The real work started when we sat with them working through aspects and experiences of life which triggered deep emotional responses.  We had them talk about the emotions and where they came from.  This part is much deeper than the simple ordering of strengths.

Now it’s your turn. You are invited to take a bit of time to identify your innate strengths.  Take the time to find a quiet spot to sit and give it a proper amount of thought.  Begin to process what is bubbling up emotionally from your depths. Now take a step back and look at those two lists.  We want to take basic data and turn it into active intelligence to help you build your soul roadmap.

As an example, here are Steve’s core strengths in order:

Explorer-always wanting to know what is around the next bend in the road.

Finding North- put me in a dark room blindfolded I intuitively know where north is.

Coordination- have always been able to land on my feet and have great dexterity.

High IQ- have always scored high on tests.

Electronics- understanding how stuff is wired and how it works.

Here are his emotional drivers in order:

Violence- I can not tolerate violence in my midst.

Injustice- unrighteous behavior boils my blood.

Poverty- all people should have opportunity to progress.

Young People- compassion for those under 25 years of age.

Development- creating pathways for improvement.

Here are Elaine’s core strengths in order:

Multitasking-able to do several tasks at once without losing effectiveness.

English Language- good with words, editing, knowledge of the language.  (I edit everything Steve creatively writes.)

Hospitality- Making people feel welcome, safe and at peace.

Creative Arts- embroidery, sewing, music etc. to bring joy.

Seeing what needs to be done-putting the practical face to daily life and dreams of the future.

Here are her emotional drivers also in order:

Family-Mama bear will do (almost)  anything for her family.

Kids-they should be nurtured and shown what wonderful creations they are and can be

Effect of music on people-music bypasses barriers and touches the soul.

Unfairness-it makes her mad when it hurts people.

Dishonesty-it leads to such distrust, hurt and destruction of relationships.

So much for the data now lets get to the intelligence.

Take your two lists and type and crossmatch them.  Think of interlacing your fingers on each hand.  Do you see some linkages.  That cross section of core strengths and strong emotions is likely close to your divine calling.

Again, using Steve as an example.  It makes total sense for Steve to be an entrepreneur serving an underserved market.  That is ground zero for who he was designed to become.  Now, live into that to find true achievement in this life.

Again, using Elaine as an example.

When splicing Elaine’s core strengths with her emotional drivers it is easy to see she is an integrator executor in the areas of family and the arts!  She is the perfect partner for this venture of Soul Roadmap building.

When this brick paver gets hammered into place to become part of your Soul Roadmap you will be able to drive upon it for the rest of your days here on earth.  Resources of talent harnessed for you to become ____________.  (You fill in the blank.)




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