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Article # 12 – Reflection

Congratulations you have completed your second trip around building your Soul Roadmap.  This time around we introduced some new methods of looking at life.  We introduced the idea of relational faith and the Enneagram.  We suggested the idea of becoming a family to others in order to have more family of your own.  We continued to redefine the world of work telling a story of a calling to teach even in frigid weather.  We talked of developing talent as a resource.

Building your customized Soul Roadmap can be the most valuable aspect of life in the here and now.  It can become a reference point to look back on to help you navigate forward.

This is my most precious asset.  It is my current journal.  I have been writing consistently in journals since 1976.  I have discovered over time that each entry became a block of paver stone in my own Soul Roadmap.  It is the genesis of this entire electronic presence.

This is a photo of the inside pages.  I write in pencil what is happening in my life at that very moment.  Sometimes it is very graphic.  Life can be relentless!  Whatever I write it is raw and real.  It gets what is churning inside, both good and bad, out.  Out so I can work on it.  The green writing is the word of God. These lines come from a study in the book of Corinthians.  The blue is my thinking about how I react to the green words.  The red writing is prayers.


I have a habit of regularly reflecting on the previous sections of writing.  Think of a mosaic piece of artwork.  Each entry in my journal is one little tile.  As I reflect upon a section it is as if I am pulling back like a camera moving from a tight shot to a wider angle.  I am always amazed when the entire picture becomes clear.  There is often a message revealed helping me navigate life.  It is how I reflect and use my Soul Roadmap.

Our encouragement is that you begin to record what is happening to you as you engage with this material.  Our desire is that you are creating a navigating tool to help you forward…in life.  While you are building your own Soul Roadmap we are also creating additional resources to help you along your road.  By the time you get to article 36 you will have the opportunity to write in and ask questions.  We are building a data base for people who want a deeper relationship.  It is part of navigating forward using your own Soul Roadmap to guide you as you drive upon your own personal Soul Road.  As Soul Guides we want to help accelerate your construction process.  To that end we have a long weekend here in Colorado in the works.  We have been working on this since 1986 and may have some suggestions to help you grow faster.

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We are building a community designed to help you create your own Soul Roadmap. People are ahead of you plowing ground, some others will follow you. We are all together in this task of navigating life as it comes at us.

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