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Article # 18 Reflection

Congratulations you have reached the halfway point toward building your Soul Roadmap.  Time to reflect back on the last few months of content.  We have covered the idea of feeling faith and transformational writing.  We moved deeper into creating the family you choose.  We described through two stories what it means to follow God into your world of work.  Finally, we learned about how to gain more of the resource of time.


How do you want to create an icon to memorialize your achievement of progress in building your Soul Roadmap?

Below is a medallion given to us by a person with whom we have walked through a fair bit of life.  We were meeting the week he received the medallion.  He gave it to us to memorialize the work we have been doing together.  The Roman Numeral XIII in the middle of the medallion signifies his thirteenth year of sobriety.  I have a long history of alcohol addiction in my family history and know all too well the ravages of this affliction.  It makes it easy to stand-up and cheer with him, celebrating and memorializing his achievement.  His gift to us of an icon of his thirteen years has a special place in our hearts and souls.

The next 18 articles will add muscle and strength to the work you have already been doing in building your own Soul Roadmap.  To help you go further we are adding some additional tools for your use in this construction.  As I write this article, we are completing the design and build of a data base to create the community dedicated to building their own souls.  It is a place where you too can sign in and be counted, because you count.  Our site can now become interactive, where you can write in with questions and receive answers.  We have envisioned this as an online learning platform from the beginning.  The first 18 articles have created a block of information to give you a start and some context for further discussions.  We look forward to going deeper with you.


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We are building a community designed to help you create your own Soul Roadmap. People are ahead of you plowing ground, some others will follow you. We are all together in this task of navigating life as it comes at us.

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