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Article #21 Family

We were asked to officiate at a celebration of life for a family.  This was a solid salt of the earth rugged, faithful, family who had been through their fair share of challenge and trauma.  Below is part of the text from my remarks that day.







It has been said, mostly by Bishops and Priests.

And believing it might make one in the knees weak.

It is however, a powerful truth, ringing-

When we return home,

There is a familiar tone,

As if we were once here, way back in the beginning.


It has been rumored and taught,

That the sovereign God with intentional thought,

At conception united our spirits within each cell.

He selected each of us as souls,

To be blended with our bodies, young becoming old,

As we ascend through our lives, chosen well.


The Matriarch of this family tree,

It certainly seems like it to me,

That she lived as if she somehow knew.

As she became old in the flesh,

Continued to become even more soul emmeshed,

Together as this life was ending – a time coming to renew.


So, she has now returned home,

She will never again be alone,

Forever to reside at the side of Christ, God’s one and only Son.

Not contained by her flesh nor any discomfort or pain,

She is back in Heaven inside pure joy once again,

Returned home, free forever – a life exceptionally well done.


The family of God was on full display that day as the small group of 25 gathered to celebrate as one, the life of the matriarch of the family.  The united group was young and old, brown and white, incarcerated out on parole wearing an ankle bracelet and free citizens.  Deep believers and disengaged souls seeking meaning to this life all connected to the family matriarch.  Her Soul Roadmap came to its celebrated end.  The family gathered as a statement of how she lived and the family she had chosen blended seamlessly together with her immigration family.  They gathered together to usher her return to her true home, Heaven to the full.  We all enjoyed the solace of knowing where we all started and the reality that we will all leave here to return to our place of origin through the bridge of Gods only son Jesus.  We all can chose to be included in His family just as we create the family in the here and now on earth.  What a marvelous gift to live into that life, here, before we get there.  Heaven is closer than we think, and everyone can experience it repeatedly, and should.  It is why we build Soul Roadmaps and then drive on them as we live out lives in the here and now.

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