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Article #22 Work

The Glass Houses of Work

It was one of those WE WORK facilities, where lots of organizations occupy independent offices but also have access to shared spaces and administrative services.  Just inside the reception area was the centerpiece of the facility, a large glassed in conference room with a fully equipped digital communication platform, with flat screens and a state of the art secure WIFI array. It had everything any organization would need to transact “deals.”  On this particular day it was “lets make a deal”.  This was business in the trenches.  The sellers, clearly a middle aged husband and wife team, were surrounded by lawyers and bean counters with shirt sleeves rolled up and hunched over linked up laptop computers at one end of the giant conference table.  At the other end of the table were the buyers, complete with pin-stripes, button down collars and polished shoes..  One could almost smell the sophistication and money through the glass.

A week later it was just the husband and wife occupying the glassed-in conference room.  They were engaged in a serious heated discussion complete with gestures of fists in palms and finger pointing.  The longer it lasted the more compelling it became for me to do something.  Tap Tap Tap on the glass door with my ring on my left hand finger.  It startled the couple but both of them were inviting me inside, using a cocker-spaniel tilt of the head.

Can I help?  Pregnant pause–“You are inside a transaction, right?”

Characteristic nodding of heads.

Another pregnant pause–“You have a letter of intent and a non-disclosure agreement negotiated last week in here, correct?”

More nodding.

“And, they have now thrown you a curve ball into the deal.”

Another cocker-spaniel tilt of the heads in the opposite direction this time, “How did you know all that?”

” I was observing the interactions last week and now”.

“Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away…… I wore pin stripes.  Can I help?”

After furtive glances back and forth she finally said, “They want a long non-compete clause.  If this business goes south, we lose our financial security and our ability to engage in work to earn a living.”

They own an import/export business, bringing goods from the Far East and Latin America to distribute in the U.S.  They are selling to a much larger distributor in the U.S.

“What got you started way back when? Why this business?”

He said, ” It is just us. We don’t have any kids and we love to travel.  We love the relationships we have built world wide and the connections created within our enterprise. Now  the business has moved to on-line and supply chain distribution.  We make more money but the work is frankly boring. It’s logistics managing bureaucracy.”

“If there were a way to better secure the transaction, and there is by the way,  you two are quite young.  What will you do with your time?”

With a quiver in her chin, “We were never able to have children of our own, but we simply love youngsters.  Whatever we do will include kids.  He nodded looking down at his hands.

Hmmm, cross section of travel and kids Hmmm

“Ya know, there is an organization in town that has been doing travel trips for groups.  They specialize in tours for schools especially performing music groups.  The Owner is a friend.  After 45 years he is considering slowing his pace a bit.  This might be part of your soul roadmap.”

“Soul Roadmap?  What’s that?”

I handed over a card, “I am a soul guide.”  We help people build their own soul roadmaps.  The world of work is one of the rest stops. It sure seems like it might be a fit for you two to learn what God has in mind for you for the balance of your lives together.”

Amazing developments occur by an unexpected  tap of a ringed finger on the Glass House of Work with the intent of helping out.  Soul Roadmaps are built using counter cultural behaviors and the willingness to step out as well as to explore the help offered.

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