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Article #26 YOU

Her divorce was final on a Tuesday after a two-year battle to terminate a toxic abusive relationship.  The life trauma she had been enduring for a generation took its toll.  She finally surrendered completely by leaving her employment as a high-tech worker in the IT field filing for a disability leave which was granted in a matter of days instead of the typical weeks.  Even Social Security agreed she needed time to recover.

We met over her favorite Starbucks coffee to talk and reflect. She can now begin again.  There was a breath of relief and weariness. As she held the ceramic cup to her nose to drink in the hot aroma of her pumpkin spice latte I asked,

“What do you do to recharge?”

There was a blank stare of vacancy in her expression.  Long term trauma will do that to anybody.  It had been so long since she actively thought about who she was, who she is now, and who she might become, that she had forgotten how to care for herself.  My question was a start of how to begin again – how at middle age to become a new person.

Fast forward a few months.  She has been making incredible progress working on her, at a soul level.  She has reconnected with her daughter who lives in another country.  She has a probationary job – a trial to determine if she can function effectively in the world of work.  She is doing the same kind of high-tech IT work she used to do.  The insurance companies and Social Security both agreed to the nine-month trial period.  So. her working doesn’t automatically terminate her benefits.  We see this as quite simply an act of God.  It just does not happen that governing entities and corporate America operate contrary to their written policy procedures.  We see it as a gift pure and simple.  She retained an advisor to help with the settlement and the benefits from her former employer.  She is beginning a new life as a single person.  She is even going to try to buy a house if the mortgage companies can accept her as an “at risk” borrower.  At this point we are not under estimating God for anything.  Does this all sound familiar?  She is building her own Soul Roadmap one paver at a time.  It has been our privilege to walk with her as she becomes a new soul.

I asked her again recently, “What do you do to recharge?”

With a quick grin and a squint of her eyes, she thinks of her daughter, son in law and the grands.  The chime on her phone is the WHATS APP asking for connection from a far-off country.  Hey Gramma, are you there?  It energizes her in a Holy Divine way.  Together we are plotting and planning to help her relocate to be geographically and physically close to her WHATS APP family.

So, I now ask you the person reading this, “What do you do to recharge?”

Quoting McNair Wilson, an original Walt Disney Imagineer and theme park designer:


The YOU rest stop on your Soul Roadmap is waiting for YOU to do some good solid deep work.

Quick grin, squint of your eyes…..Game On!

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