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Article # 30 Reflection

The last five articles have taken us through the idea that we are all sons and daughters of God.  We can choose to live sacrificially surrendered lives, which gives us the ability to become conquerors of our culture rather than victims of it.  We wandered into the area of how do you recharge?  Where do you go to get renewed?  I introduced you to my tennis “family” and asked the question “where do you cultivate this kind of connection?”   We addressed the notion that because of technology and innovation, we can work from anywhere and everywhere and we need to create healthy boundaries around the world of work.  Finally, we explored the idea of each of us having a treasure deposited deep inside of us.  We asked the question “what is your treasure and how are you deploying it as a God given resource?”  We have intentionally written about deep topics in deep ways to generate deep new thinking.  We are hopeful they have been meaningful to you.


We are going to turn a very large corner in this building of your own soul roadmap.  Over the next six articles we are changing our writing style and tone of messaging.   Up to now, our focus has been to create new thinking about how we live successfully within our current culture. Now we are going to begin putting in motion the practical application of how to do this.  We were in a meeting yesterday with a young professional woman discussing the circus atmosphere of our current culture.  She talked long and emotionally of her life, trying to balance children and their school activities with career and her personal health and then understanding her husband is also dealing with industrial change created by the new artificial intelligence technology, which will change his world of work forever.  We talked of romance which brought about a blank stare.  Oh yeah, that. As if romance between husband and wife gets pushed into the margins of life, crowded out, wedged into the moments when we have time and energy.  I wanted to stand up wave my arms about and shout DANGER WILL ROBINSON as if I were Robbie the robot from the Lost in Space television series.  (You will have to get the YouTube clip from their archives to see it.)  She suggested we get together share a meal and talk longer about how to successfully do life in today’s world.  Without knowing it she was asking how to start to build a soul roadmap for their lives and then drive upon it.  We will begin writing about that over the next six articles.


We also have on the drawing board a small retreat, thirty people, over a long weekend.  This retreat will be hosted by us here in Denver in a Friday, Saturday, Sunday type of event. It will require a two-night stay at a local comfortable hotel.  The objective will be to accelerate your building process for your own soul roadmap and then begin the process for how to drive on it.  It is the continuing journey on the task of how to live in this world, surrounded by our current culture, which certainly looks and feels more and more like a circus.

To be invited to this small retreat send us communication using the Get Connected button.  Type Retreat Event in the How Can We Help section.  We will respond with details.  We curate each event separately.  We cover the same teaching content then apply it differently based upon who is in the meeting.  So, it is a customized experience designed around who is going to be attending.  See article 36 for more details.



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