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Article # 36 Reflection

Congratulations! You have completed 35 articles, written in a journal, received your enneagram, generated some email strings of communications with us here at and started to create your own soul roadmap.  This is the last in the series of articles, designed to help you finish your own soul road map creation.  Having a road map on how to navigate this life is wonderful. USING it is where you will get maximum value.

You’ve made incredible progress on your journey toward self-discovery and personal growth through this on-line course. Crafting your soul roadmap through journaling and reflection is such a meaningful endeavor. If you are interested in taking the next step by learning how to drive on your soul road using your own soul road map, we have an offer for you. Go to any of our connect buttons on this web site.  In the “how can we help” section write EVENT REQUEST and ask any questions regarding the event.  We will respond.  Together with a group of others on this journey we will gather for a long weekend at a hotel in our city of Westminster Colorado.  We do all of our events in the style of theatre in the round and in cohorts of no more than thirty.  Remember, a roadmap is valuable when put into action. It’s like having a treasure map and actually setting out to explore and discover your unique treasures which are marked along the way. This cohort group will help you to actualize your roadmap. People have said they experienced a bubble of Horizontal Heaven during our events.  We anticipate the same for you.


We have created a specific event for “graduates” of the 35 previous articles.


We will send each of you a request for information about you and what is top of mind for you to accomplish at the event. Elaine and I personally present along with a team of people who have already completed and are driving upon their own soul road maps.  They have been trained as Soul Guides to help you go into depth on each rest area of your soul roadmaps.  We have a backbone of material to present but we then customize each event around the people coming.  We look forward to hosting you at the Westminster Marriott Hotel for a long weekend in the mile high city of Westminster Colorado.

Registration costs for our building your soul roadmap events in the past have been $1,500 to $2,000 per person. (Hotel rates change according to the season.) Colorado is a recreation magnate state and hotel rates change accordingly. The only additional out of pocket expenses you incur are transportation, some meals and your incidentals. We will give you specific details on all the costs when the formal invitations are sent out. We have a scholarship fund available from people who have paid it forward from prior events.   We do not let money get in the way of our teaching events.

We assemble a waiting list of 30 people (usually 10 couples and 10 singles) from the EVENT REQUESTS we receive.   We set the date 90 days out, make all the arrangements at the hotel.  We bypass the front desk taking care of room registrations in the event room.

This time invested is life changing.  You will think and respond differently as you navigate forward into your future.


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We are building a community designed to help you create your own Soul Roadmap. People are ahead of you plowing ground, some others will follow you. We are all together in this task of navigating life as it comes at us.

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