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Article # 6 – Reflection

Our articles are organized to allow easy access for users.  Each article is assigned a category : faith, you, family, work, resources and then finally this one, reflection.  This process of building you own soul road map can be used  in several ways.  Some people will want to go directly to a section and read all the material dedicated to it.  For example some struggle with the rest stop (category) of work and will want to read all that material first because it is of most importance to them.  Some people will want to read chronologically.  This section, reflection, is designed for the chronological readers but can be used by those concentrating on one section as well.  It is a rest area along your soul road map building process where a review and reflection on the prior articles can help you, the reader, to recognize and mark progress.

So far we  have visited the largest cathedral in the world to learn about the noun and verb of faith.  We traveled into the large area of beginning to understand who you really are.  We opened up the sections of redefining your family and the world of work.  The last blog introduced the world of  family  for profit using the serenity  prayer as a frame.

The picture below is a strip of bricks surrounded by the racing asphalt of the Indianapolis Speedway where the greatest spectacle in racing is run every May.  I find it interesting that the 500 miles of racing using the highest technical machines on earth still holds tightly to the brickyard past.  Once the entire track was all inlaid bricks.  They left one short strip of what was once the entire  two and half mile oval racetrack.  Since we are also building a soul road map using the imagery of stone pavers being carefully placed and then sanded into a road to drive upon we also are holding very tightly to whatever you are building.  The essence of this effort is that you are building something that will become the bedrock of your life –  your life which is equipped to be driven upon for all time.  We also have a notion that what you build will also be something others can observe and examine, leading them to wanting to create one of their own.

The Yard of Bricks at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. IMS is preparing for the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 in the age of Social Distancing.

We want to create a process for building your soul.  It is to souls what education is to our minds, and 24 hour fitness is to our bodies.   You just completed your first lap.  Next time we start on article seven once again in the faith category.

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