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Article #4 – Work

I am writing this while riding light rail, traveling to a leadership meeting of an organization dedicated to developing the overlapping spaces of faith and WORK.  The Denver Institute for Faith and Work is where I experience the building of my own soul within the commercial spaces.  They are a wonderful resource.  (Do an online SEARCH and surf away.)

Sadly, our culture separates secular and sacred in many areas, especially the workplace.  John Jr. from the last article prays over his players as a coach…and he is so much more than just a coach.  (Pssst, it is actually now legal to do this says the Supreme Court.  Progress!)  Everything falls under the sacred banner. Everything falls under the sacred banner.   EVERYTHING FALLS UNDER THE SACRED BANNER.  I write this with emphasis because we are operating in opposition to our current culture in this area.  Culturally we have embraced an idea of normal which is abnormal.  And we have done it for so long it actually “feels” normal.  Bringing the totality of who you are, including your soul to the world of WORK creates a symbiotic relationship opportunity.  Both elements benefit-the workplace and the worker.

Values, Integrity, Character (VIC) can be determined by researching organizational literature.  When starting the process of researching a work relationship does the language of the organization line up with your own VIC?  If alignment is found, take the next step.  Do an electronic site visit then go physically and kick the tires.  In the employment interview process ask to meet with the people you are likely going to be working closely with in the job.  Ask if the organization lives their written VIC?  Talk and writing is cheap but operational execution is where truth lies.  People will tell you if the organization operates according to their VIC or if it is simply window dressing.

We invest significant time in our workplaces.  Have you vetted your employer for demonstration of their VIC and then compared them with your own?  Finding the right best “fit” can ignite the symbiotic process to this rest area of your soul roadmap.  The zenith here would be to have the working environmental culture energize you like charging a battery instead of being on permanent discharge exhausting you of life-giving life-living energy.

If you are in a leadership position of an organization, do you have a positive VIC within your culture?  Companies can embody the souls of their leadership and influence everything about them.  This rest area is particularly important for you. We have resources just for you. Communicate with us here in the how can we help section write ORGANIZATIONAL LEADER PRESENTATION, we will have designed a presentation to bring Heaven into the world of work.  We can build a relationship to transform your enterprise.

Much of our lives have been invested this rest area of building people’s soul roadmaps.  Converting the energy draining secularized WORK world into a symbiotic energizing WORK world holds a big key to making life WORK.  We have 45 years of experiences with people to add to this part of your soul roadmap.  Welcome to our world of WORK. It can be different than you think.

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